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Your support and contributions will enable me to run an effective campaign. A large part of the campaign will be comprised of educating voters on the issues negatively affecting Canadians and how I and the PPC will address these issues. That will come with a hefty cost. Any and all donations will help us succeed in educating and informing the electorate and winning the election based on that information and how I, and the PPC under Maxime Bernier's Leadership, will address the issues most affecting Canadians.

You can donate by clicking the donate button through PayPal OR you can etransfer to jnf.ppc@gmail.com.

Please Note: You can donate any mount but can not exceed $1600.00. Make sure to send an email with your full name, address, and other contact information to jnf.ppc@gmail.com, the financial agent of the Saskatoon Grasswood EDA.

 Also feel free to visit my gofundme campaign by clicking the picture of Max and myself or scroll down to the next section. Thank you!