FireSide Chat with Salim Mansur


Protecting Our Canadian Identity & Culture

Report on conservatives pandering to islamists

Bombshell - Scheer recorded pandering to known islamists

Scheer meeting and pandering to known islamists.

Globalism & Islamism w/Salim Mansur

Globalism & Islamism are the two most dangerous issues facing Canada today. They affect all aspects our our life individually, along with our Country's sovereignty, freedoms, culture, economy, and way of life. Myself and Salim Mansur, a PHD in Political Science at Western University, delve into those two issues and discuss what they are, what they mean to Canada, and how the two are directly connected.

Saskatchewan Tour Road Trip with Maxime Bernier & kelly Day


Maxime Bernier Arrives in Saskatoon

 Maxime Bernier arrives at the PPC rally in Saskatoon to introduce Saskatchewan Candidates! 

My speech at saskatoon rally

My first official PPC speech in Saskatoon! Many more to come!

Maxime Bernier Delivers immigration policy

Best, most important speech by a federal leader in Canada, maybe ever!

Dr.Salim mansur PPC Candidate

Very powerful speech!

Saskatchewan PPC Candidates Intro- Part 1

Great discussion and introduction to your PPC Candidates in Saskatchewan from the southern region.

Saskatchewan PPC Candidates Intro-Part 2

  Great discussions once again with our Saskatchewan PPC candidates in the northern region. Kelly Day- Prince Albert Ryan Schultz-Yorkton/Melville Guto Penteado-Saskatoon/University Cody Payant-Carleton Trail/Eagle Creek 

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Vlog Entry 2019-07-23

UNSDA-United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda

Readers Digest Version

Blog Entry 2019-07-22


My response to Salim Mansur announcing his PPC candidacy.


Candidate announcement event. Salim Mansur speech.


Salim Mansur interview as he announces his PPC Candidacy. Enormous announcement, not only for our party but for our country.

July 17th, 2019

PPC Saskatoon-Grasswood Fireside Chat


PPC Saskatoon-Grasswood Fireside Chat with Tahir Gora

Please slide to 15 min mark, we were live and had some technical difficulties prior to discussion.